Vishal Khanna

Mr. Khanna has been involved in the Clean Technology sector for the majority of his career, spending the early years dealing primarily with Water Purification Systems.  Mr. Khanna possesses a unique combination of Engineering and Business expertise, skills and education that have allowed him to create companies that are now capable of developing multi Mega-Watt Large Utility Scale Projects.

Prior to Joining Lehr Engineering he founded Pulstream USA Inc, a company specializing with Renewable energy focusing on Wind and Solar applications. Mr. Khanna began his career in the automotive industry where he was with Collins and Aikman, an industry leader for interior trim and cockpit solutions.  He then took the knowledge that he acquired working for a fortune 500 company and created his own corporation VKtory Enterprises LLC where he specialized in software development and CRM applications.

Upon entering the Renewable energy Sector, Mr. Khanna quickly migrated into an area that had caught his attention for many years; Wind Energy.  He had been intrigued by Wind Energy for a variety of reasons but mainly because of his passion for creating new streams of Energy and his understanding of a Global need for Alternative Energy sources.  In just 3 short years Pulstream USA has positioned itself to become an Industry leader in Wind Farm Development and other areas of Renewable Energy Solutions, with an estimated 1100 MW of power generating projects available to Pulstream over the next 10-20 years; all created Through the Unique alliances and connections that Mr. Khanna has formed.  The mentioned capacity will be developed and distributed to local Utility Companies, as well as local businesses throughout Wyoming and Michigan.  Mr. Khanna has turned the company’s focus to these areas of the United States, which is known as the “Wind Corridor of America” being that these specific locations possess the ability to produce the highest wind speeds and most efficient productivity for Wind Farm Development.  In addition, Mr. Khanna has positioned Pulstream USA to be the lead Research and Development firm for multiple projects globally, including sites in India, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Tanzania and other emerging markets whom are starving for energy production.

Mr. Khanna started his education at the University of Texas at Austin/Arlington where he studied His Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering and completed his degree requirements at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan.  He has been a part of many Social and Professional Societies including the American Society of Body Engineers, The American Wind Energy Association, TIE (The Indus Entrepreneurs), MIICC (Michigan International Chamber of Commerce) several on campus clubs and associations and spends his free time on the Golf Course where he improves on his handicap.